And here we are in 2013! Fresh from this year’s Almost Famous Film Festival, our 8th time in the competition (7 in the 48 hour, 1 in the 72 hour festivals) and our 8th Top 20 film!!! Below are the guidelines for this year’s competition as well as the AWARDS we took home! Have a look!

All entries were written, filmed, and edited in 48 hours with the following required elements.
Theme: something magical
Prop: someone must put on or take off a RING
Line of Dialogue: “I can’t believe it worked.”

Winner: Best Use of Required Prop
Winner: Outstanding Individual Performance – Joseph Summers

More exciting than the awards and our still-untouchable record is that this is officially the acting debut of Jeff Wheeler! Jeff has been a part of The Junk Drawer since the very beginning in 2007, however we have never been able to get him in a film. We finally did it, and he delivers a FLAWLESS performance as Sam in this year’s film “granted.” More to come from Jeff and the rest of The Junk Drawer in 2013! I promise!!! (Also, if you’re a fan of the classic web series TJ Weekly, see if you can spot another familiar face as Sam’s son Jerome.) Enjoy!


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