Welcome back! You’re just in time to watch our brand new film! We shot “Stalled Out” for the 8th Annual Almost Famous Film Festival 48 Hour Film Competition (that’s a lot of words). We actually have entered every 48 hour competition since the 2nd, originally as TJ Weekly, except for last year when we held off until the fall to compete in their 72 hour musical challenge with “Change of Plans.” each time, we have managed to get our film finished under the deadline (barely) AND place in the top 20 (top 10 since our second year)!

This year, we did the unthinkable and placed 4th place out of 66 films!

Each film had to be 1-5 minutes and incorporate 3 guidelines:

  • Theme: Lost Love
  • Prop: someone must set a clock
  • Line of Dialogue: “This could get complicated.”

The films marks the return of some regulars as well as favorites from our previous films. Most notably, Daniel Wolf and Jason Hammond deliver stellar performances. In fact, their chemistry was so perfect, we added back in nearly a full minute of footage from the version that premiered at the A3F on March 1st! So here is the Director’s Cut of our brand new Junk Drawer film – “Stalled Out”


About Jason Frerking

Husband, father, filmmaker, musician, friend.

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