Just when you thought we were down, we are right back at ya with a little more news. As you may have read, not only did we take part in the A3F 72 Hour Musical Film Challenge (and place top 5!), but we simultaneously signed up for next spring’s annual 48 Hour Film Challenge as well! There’s no backing out! Two sets of Junk Drawer couples will be mere weeks away from delivering babies into this wacky world, but that doesn’t mean we can’t shoot a film, right? Shoot, we may just have to take the cameras into the delivery room to film the A3F’s first actual birth! If that doesn’t get us bonus points, I’m not sure I understand the scoring system. Just an insider’s tip… This is already looking to be the most star-studded cast we have had. I’m talking favorite actors from our films and sketches up the wazoo (so guard yours)!

More on this soon. In the meantime, have a look around the newly (and still in-progress) designed site for films, downloads, and more!


About Jason Frerking

Husband, father, filmmaker, musician, friend.

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