Welcome to the slowly rebuilt JunkDrawerComedy.com!  We know it’s been a while since we’ve brought you premium content, but don’t fret. We are back in full force!  While the site gets reestablished, watch the BRAND NEW film that we completed for the Almost Famous Film Festival’s 72 Hour Musical Film Challenge! Written, filmed, and edited from October 7-10th, our film premiered at the Top 10 screening at the AMC Arizona Center 24 Theaters in front of a packed house on October 20th.  We took 5th place overall (out of 31 teams)!

Each film had to contain at least one musical moment as well as adhere to three guidelines:

  • Theme: a broken promise
  • Prop: a character must toss a coin
  • Line of Dialogue: “Give me a second to think about it.”
This was also the first lead role by Jonathan Martinez, and the acting debut of Jason F.’s 6-month-old daughter Scarlett!  And now, without further ado, “Change of Plans”

About Jason Frerking

Husband, father, filmmaker, musician, friend.

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