And here we are in 2013! Fresh from this year’s Almost Famous Film Festival, our 8th time in the competition (7 in the 48 hour, 1 in the 72 hour festivals) and our 8th Top 20 film!!! Below are the guidelines for this year’s competition as well as the AWARDS we took home! Have a look!

All entries were written, filmed, and edited in 48 hours with the following required elements.
Theme: something magical
Prop: someone must put on or take off a RING
Line of Dialogue: “I can’t believe it worked.”

Winner: Best Use of Required Prop
Winner: Outstanding Individual Performance – Joseph Summers

More exciting than the awards and our still-untouchable record is that this is officially the acting debut of Jeff Wheeler! Jeff has been a part of The Junk Drawer since the very beginning in 2007, however we have never been able to get him in a film. We finally did it, and he delivers a FLAWLESS performance as Sam in this year’s film “granted.” More to come from Jeff and the rest of The Junk Drawer in 2013! I promise!!! (Also, if you’re a fan of the classic web series TJ Weekly, see if you can spot another familiar face as Sam’s son Jerome.) Enjoy!


Stalled Out (Director’s Cut)

Welcome back! You’re just in time to watch our brand new film! We shot “Stalled Out” for the 8th Annual Almost Famous Film Festival 48 Hour Film Competition (that’s a lot of words). We actually have entered every 48 hour competition since the 2nd, originally as TJ Weekly, except for last year when we held off until the fall to compete in their 72 hour musical challenge with “Change of Plans.” each time, we have managed to get our film finished under the deadline (barely) AND place in the top 20 (top 10 since our second year)!

This year, we did the unthinkable and placed 4th place out of 66 films!

Each film had to be 1-5 minutes and incorporate 3 guidelines:

  • Theme: Lost Love
  • Prop: someone must set a clock
  • Line of Dialogue: “This could get complicated.”

The films marks the return of some regulars as well as favorites from our previous films. Most notably, Daniel Wolf and Jason Hammond deliver stellar performances. In fact, their chemistry was so perfect, we added back in nearly a full minute of footage from the version that premiered at the A3F on March 1st! So here is the Director’s Cut of our brand new Junk Drawer film – “Stalled Out”

The Best Is Yet To Come…

Just when you thought we were down, we are right back at ya with a little more news. As you may have read, not only did we take part in the A3F 72 Hour Musical Film Challenge (and place top 5!), but we simultaneously signed up for next spring’s annual 48 Hour Film Challenge as well! There’s no backing out! Two sets of Junk Drawer couples will be mere weeks away from delivering babies into this wacky world, but that doesn’t mean we can’t shoot a film, right? Shoot, we may just have to take the cameras into the delivery room to film the A3F’s first actual birth! If that doesn’t get us bonus points, I’m not sure I understand the scoring system. Just an insider’s tip… This is already looking to be the most star-studded cast we have had. I’m talking favorite actors from our films and sketches up the wazoo (so guard yours)!

More on this soon. In the meantime, have a look around the newly (and still in-progress) designed site for films, downloads, and more!

We’re back!

Welcome to the slowly rebuilt!  We know it’s been a while since we’ve brought you premium content, but don’t fret. We are back in full force!  While the site gets reestablished, watch the BRAND NEW film that we completed for the Almost Famous Film Festival’s 72 Hour Musical Film Challenge! Written, filmed, and edited from October 7-10th, our film premiered at the Top 10 screening at the AMC Arizona Center 24 Theaters in front of a packed house on October 20th.  We took 5th place overall (out of 31 teams)!

Each film had to contain at least one musical moment as well as adhere to three guidelines:

  • Theme: a broken promise
  • Prop: a character must toss a coin
  • Line of Dialogue: “Give me a second to think about it.”
This was also the first lead role by Jonathan Martinez, and the acting debut of Jason F.’s 6-month-old daughter Scarlett!  And now, without further ado, “Change of Plans”